Mark Foster is a native New Yorker and has worked around the world in commercial production. His work is based on real people stories and portraiture, capturing human experiences from the heartfelt to the hilarious. His most recent venture is curating sponsored grassroots-style events and capturing 'authentic experience' assets for branded social medial. Foster's film and web projects primarily focus on community, adventure, and creative technology rooted in making a positive difference in the world. Foster is an avid cyclist, coffee roaster and vintage bike builder. He lives in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York.

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Advertising with Grassroots Events:
Grassroots Events bring people together. These personalized events are 100% scalable and create a space where real people in an actual physical group, can associate with a sponsoring brand, and come away with their own story.

ground support usa Ground Support USA
The Community-Positive Road Trip Film Project. Ground Support USA is is a traveling film series featuring real people making a positive difference in their communities across America.

wintermotocampWinter Moto Camp
This event laughs in the face of the overstayed bone-chilling winter by embracing it. A gathering of the minds in the wilds of winter for a three day winter campout centered around community, process and a creative reset on all fronts.

Bovina Open Barn & Studio
Just like an open studio, with the added bang of agriculture and outdoors. A chance to visit the homes, studios and workplaces of beautiful Bovina, NY. Purchase artwork and products directly from their creators. Experience the intimate and magical blend of creative arts and agriculture happily tucked away in one of the Catskills' most treasured small towns. Bovina, New York.

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Earlier Real People Events:

Prius Projects was a campaign of social media happenings that designed to engage and inspire new Prius fans in a variety of different markets over the course of a year. Each project tapped into a different community and gave it it's own identity. The two listed below are a Record Setting Contest and group knitting an entire Prius with a holiday sweater.
Toyota: Prius Records
Prius Holiday Sweater

Amazing things happen to America's two most "ordinary" towns (Boring, OR and Normal, IL) when residents are introduced to people-friendly Toshiba laptops. Honored by National ADDYs and record results, it tells a story within the context of a real-world situation.
Toshiba: Boring Vs. Normal

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